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We released our first edition of Coffee Time in 2023. Thank you for purchasing one of the first one thousand games in existence! We hope Coffee Time will develop a cult following, but we need your help to develop a list of frequently asked questions. If you have a question on game play, please email us at

Q: I'm playing Coffee Time for the first time. Can you explain how a turn is played for both heroes and villains? 

Heroes start each turn in the following sequence:

a. Choose if you will share an item card and/or heat.

b. Choose if you will use one or more item cards in your possession. Announce the use of your item card and follow instructions on the item card(s). Discard the item card after you use it.

c. Follow instructions on your Player Card for movement. If you are in the Activation Chamber, see instructions for Activation Chamber dynamics

d. Draw a Journey Card.

- Enemies: Follow instructions for Battles and Attacking if you draw an enemy card

- Item cards: Immediately use or choose to keep an item card

- Duchess's Enchantments: Follow the instructions on the enchantment card

Roamer starts each turn in the following sequence:

a. Choose if you will use a function on your Trumpet card. Follow instructions on the Trumpet card.

b. Follow instructions on your Player Card for movement. 

c. If you reach a player, follow instructions on your Player Card for Attacking. See instructions for more information on Battles.

d. Follow instructions on your Player Card for Grave-Robbing.

e. Return Roamer to the grave.

f. Note: Roamer never dies (he is already "undead"). Roamer plays every round.


- The skulls on the side of the Roamer's Player Card are an indicator that he is already dead and can never die. The number of skulls doesn't mean anything.

- The Roamer can grave-rob, even after losing a battle.

- The Roamer cannot use the cards he steals from heroes. The cards are simply discarded.

King Tea starts each turn in the following sequence:

a. Decide if you will "Move" or "Attack" first. 

b. If you choose to move, roll the correct die to determine how many hours forward to move the clock hand(s). Immediately after rolling, you can decide if you will use your Overtime card.

c. If you choose to attack , follow instructions on your Player Card for Attacking. 

d. If you are in Tea World, you can use Ice Storm at the end of each turn. 

Q: What happens if Roamer is the first player to start the game?


After determining which player will start the game (through rolling for a "high roll"), and it is determined that Roamer will take a turn before any hero has moved, then Roamer can use his turn to attempt to grave-rob Thermos's Card Protector. This is the only time in the game that Card Protector can be taken.

Q: How does King Tea move through the 5 Worlds?


Begin by rolling the 12-sided die. Move the clock hand(s) forward that many hours. Begin with Coffee World, then proceed to Donut World, and so on. For example, if it is 11:00 in Coffee World and King Tea rolls a 3, the clock hands stop at 12:00/Tea Time in Coffee World and then go on to 2:00 in Donut World. You do not have to move the King Tea player piece; he can stay static on the board on his home space in the Realm of Time.

To win the game as King Tea, you will need to roll a total of 60 cumulative hours (unless the the heroes move the clock hands back with Sleepy Time Tea, because then you will need to make up for the lost hours).

When you reach the 12th hour in a World, you are immediately moved into the next World. So if it is 11:00 in Coffee World and you roll a 1, then you will technically finish Coffee World and be in Donut World at hour 0:00.

Q: When exactly can a hero share heat / item cards?


Heroes may share heat or item cards at the beginning of their turn (before the player rolls to move).

Q: If I land on the Team Path Crossroads, am I on the Team Path?


Yes, you are immediately considered to be on the Team Path and your Team Path Power is immediately activated. Any space with a circle is a Team Path space. The Activation Chamber is also part of the Team Path. If you land on a crossroads, then on your next turn, you can follow the purple Team Path (or you can choose to remain on your original path and forgo further Team Path power-sharing).

Q: What is the 0 value on the 10-sided die?


If you roll a 0 with the 10-sided die, it is valued at 10. 

Q: Can a hero be attacked on their start space?


Yes, technically a hero can be attacked on their start space, however their health gauge will remain full, so the attack is pointless. 

Q: If Roamer uses his Activation Power, can a hero offer an Earth card to protect their other item cards?

No, in this instance, Roamer gets to "steal" a card (of his choice) from every player. This is not a typical grave robbing attempt.

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